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CFA Wooden Fire Truck

The Captain of the CFA at Dromana approached David Wearne (one of our members) with a special request.

When they run open days, the Mt Martha CFA has two wooden Fire Trucks, which are designed so that they straddle a fire hose, and can be propelled with another fire hose shooting water at the back of the truck. The kids have so much fun with this activity, racing each other (some of the adult members can’t resist having races as well).

The Captain asked if SBDMS would be able to construct another 6 of these trucks based on the model he provided. These would be distributed to Dromana, Somerville and Boneo CFA stations to support their open days into the future.

After putting it to the members, there was good support for this as a project connecting with our volunteer first responders in the community. A prototype is almost complete, after which the 6 final trucks will be constructed.

After the prototype is complete, Jenkins Cabinet makers in Dromana have agreed to laser cut the marine ply in the shapes required at no cost, which is greatly appreciated.

The CFA will cover the cost of materials.

The Dromana CFA open day will be running in November 2023, and the trucks will be ready for that day. This is a wonderful project to be involved in, connecting our shed with our local emergency services, and is a credit to the SBDMS, improving our standing and relationship with our community.

At present the main contributors to this project are Mark Hilton, David Wearne and Hank van Daalen.

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