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Mercedes Actros

This is a 1/14th scale radio controlled model made by Graeme Wearne is a Mercedes Actros truck/trailer. It took 21 months to build due to customization of the original kit.
In order to retain internal cabin visibility of the driver, seats and illuminated dash board, while also adding,installing and hiding the sound/light unit with all its maze of wires, plus additional lighting for the trailer, extra body work and alterations had to be made. This naturally presented extra work and challenges. Kit instructions could have been much clearer.

The truck has a 3 speed gearbox driven by an RS 540 21 turn electric motor, fueled by a 6 cell (7.2v) rechargeable battery.
Features included are 

A.  Trailer motorized support legs
B.  Leather covered passenger seats
C.  Illuminated dash board
D.  Sound/ light system for

1. Diesel motor operation.
2. Detachment /connection of trailer & coupler operation
3. Turning / reversing / flashers & associated sounds
4. Headlights / fog lights / roof lights / side lights
5. Motor vibration simulation.
E. Illuminated dash board / cabin with driver.
F. Sound simulation of driver entering and leaving cabin.

Extra lights may be added later. Various types of cargo for the wooden planked trailer are yet to be made.
Just learning and remembering the multitude of transmitter stick movements required to operate all systems is quite a task.  MORE CHALLENGES AWAIT.  WHAT FUN ! !


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