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Recent Personal projects

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A Matchbox car case for Rafael - made by David Earnshaw

The timber David used for the framework was Tasmanian Oak, the base and lid are of 3 ply and is very similar to Tasmanian Oak. The receptacles were made up of 3mm MDF. The dense Foam was purchased from Clark Rubber and was 6mm for the lid and 12 mm for the individual receptacles “Generally I mill over in my head how I will construct whatever I’m going to make, and then take it from there forward. So as to my technique of making the case I wanted to do finger jointing or dovetail but unfortunately not having the equipment I’d require to achieve this plus the lid being too narrow it was impossible to achieve, which left me with tongue and groove. The original idea was to house two layers of cars, but on reflection there would have been 74 cars which I thought was a bit too much, at this point I had set it up for two layers, so I had to figure out how to bring it back to a signal layer, of which gave me another problem was too much space, which intern would have created another problem when moving the case around. Hence the idea of using foam rubber to the lid and base, which made it compact without the cars collectively piling up at the bottom of the case. The receptacles as mentioned are of MDF where cut out in strips and then measured to size and cut half way through. This way I could interlock them together without using any glue. Trying to glue 3mm together on end would have been impossible so the joints had to be very tight inorder to secure them together. The MDF was stained with water-based acrylic (Intergrain Merbau) then coated in matt varnish for better protection from constant handling. The black inside the case was Dulux Black Satin which I prefered the finish in matt which the manufacturing don’t make so I used oil base Matt Varnish over the top of the satin black. The lid and base in 3ply the edge didn’t look aesthetically pleasing, so I applied two coats of the merbau acrylic stain to the edge prior to finishing off with satin varnish. The exterior of the case finish is Cabot’s Satin Varnish.  The shaping of the receptacles and the joints of the case was made by using a coping saw.  I used a tenon saw for the remaining cuts.”

Men at Work - recent shots in the Shed

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